Is it time to get your ACTING CAREER on track???

Believe me, no matter how much you’ve done, believe that you know, or have succeeded at other things in your life, pursuing the business side of an acting career can be one of the most daunting efforts anyone can ever attempt.

And I want to help!

Not only did I build my acting career out of nothing, I also did it while running an acting career organization called The Actors Network. To do that required an extraordinary amount of gumption, clarity and stamina that I would like to pass along to you. 

My private actor career coaching sessions will not only give you the most unique perspective on the actor business process you’ve ever had, but it will position your mind and your goals in such a way that you’re far more likely to succeed than ever imagined regardless of your credits. 

I am a 30+ year Hollywood industry veteran and and actor career expert in the business of show business and I would love to help you!


IN PERSON or ZOOM and you can book it here:

  • 15 min. ($50)
  • 30 min. ($80)
  • 60 min. ($140)

I am more than happy to cover any industry (or LIFE) subject you desire but if you are lost or need ideas, the items below might spark some interest. Please note that I’m happy to do sessions on Demo Reel material/editing** but do realize they are time-consuming, but we’ll get it done!

  • General industry questions and/or scenarios.
  • Time management or the organizational aspects of your life.
  • Creating a specific weekly game plan.
  • Creating and the understanding of both TARGET LISTS & MASTER CONTACT LISTS.
  • Analyzing your Life/Actor Time-Pie + organizing your home/office.
  • How to produce your own LIVE Showcase.
  • How to produce Demo Reel material etc.
  • Determining the areas of industry in which you would like to focus.
  • A 5-3-1 goal strategy.
  • How to “Say No”  ~ TO all the many acting/non-acting demands you might have!
  • Reviewing materials: Marketing, Photos, Demo etc.
  • Efficient use of the phone as well as appropriate “Drop Off” protocol.
  • Representation issues and/or questions.
  • Artistic assistance regarding auditions/callbacks or on-set coaching.
  • Actual layout, creation and design of marketing materials.
  • Editing your demo reel, and reviewing material. (**This will take more than an hour)
  • Customizing and perfecting your interview questions / skills.
  • Attacking any aspect of the profession more effectively.


Ready to get going? Book some time with me!