In The Moment – Anthony Meindl Podcast August 13, 2023

Kevin E. West joins the Anthony Meindl Podcast

Hollywood tends to be viewed as the land of the young and pretty. Funny, how the idea of being talented is used a lot when and agent or casting director is not interested in you but “young and pretty” is what’s so often the focus early on. Unfortunately, in many

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The actors strike, an existential battle! July 26, 2023

SAG-AFTRA Strike — An Existential Battle!

When the request to be, interviewed by the Pop Culture podcast, was presented to me we were only about a week into the strike. Now, if you do not live in Los Angeles, then please know it was an extremely HOT period of time. Yes, there was a chant rippling

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The Actor MBA

It’s often said: “Well that, that is ‘show’ business and this, this is ‘actor’ business. Now it’s all in one place…

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