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“Hey there and welcome to my blog, dedicated to the education–pursuit and ultimate success for all of us in the  21st Century! From our beginnings together, it is important to me that you have a clear understanding of my professional history that goes beyond any standard BIO you can read or view on IMDB. I grew up in the rural South, was a competitive athlete – reaching the University level – and started my acting career in Atlanta…long before Atlanta was what it is today for acting. Additionally, it is crucial to understand that I moved to Los Angeles with dreams, just like you and also without any financial or family connections. I only establish this parameter for perspective, in that I well know, a far higher percentage of performers in the world are similar. Most actors pursue an acting career without a lot of connections or financial stability at the outset. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have one or both, good on you! However, even with financial or family connections, making a living as an actor is a difficult challenge compared to any industry.

Going back to 1991, I have spent an immense amount of time speaking to and extending crucial knowledge to my fellow peers! As the founder of the award-winning organization, The Actors’ Network, it is important that I stand for integrity, reality, truth and genuine care at all times. Be advised that there is a lot of ‘noise’, as I call it, on various digital platforms. The acting business and profession is sadly one of those areas where someone/anyone with a handful of credits, or a few years of experience, can claim to ‘know it all’. To that end, know and trust that I’m not coming from a place of just lots of years in the business and a long resume. I committed a long time ago to truly learning how to navigate, both the business and the people in the business, to ensure that any subjective advice rendered by me has been experienced over and over again…by me. In other words, yes, I have both lived ‘n encountered all of what lies herewith!

If you’re a younger actor, or the parent of a young performer, and most of this industry is somewhat new to you then you might not consider some of my history or past valuable but I assure you it is. I started in the late 80s, through the 90s, and into the 21st century. The irony of this is that while there have been a great deal of technological advancements since the late 80s – the very same challenge to 99% of actors still remains; getting legitimate representation, auditions and jobs! All the websites, mobile phones, Apps et al. will not assist you without understanding more about how ‘the other side thinks’ as well as how to communicated and engage with them. Electronic advancements have made it easier for actors to submit themselves but it has also made it far easier for those efforts to be dismissed and ignored. The key will always be – do they know who you are?

The collection of my career from analog to digital, from my individual pursuit to working with and consulting more than 5000 actors while simultaneously working in television, provides a professional foundation and insight you will not find anywhere else in show business…and I truly stand by that statement. We face not just the challenges of the business, but by definition, we face our own ideology, psychology and philosophy. Everything that I want you to learn, experience, and use in your pursuit starts with your mindset about the business pursuit of an acting career. Do not misunderstand me, in terms of the craft and artistry of acting, as I value it greatly. However, in terms of this blog, it is specifically acting-business focused. So, allow me to state this now; “Yes, you need to work in class and beyond, to ensure that your level of craft-skill set, is top notch.”

So, when you start here, begin with a few key thoughts from me, and then dive in: 1) Regardless of your age – you are not behind…so don’t race into your efforts too fast. 2) Trust that, right now, someone – somewhere, who looks very similar to you is working, so your physical body is totally fine for acting! 3) Show Business is two words and if you choose to ignore the vast complexities of the business, in any city in the world, the ability to build a successful career can be exponentially diminished. 4) I am ON YOUR SIDE at all times. I WANT you to succeed far beyond me. Yes, there will be expressions, ideas and concepts within this blog that may confuse you, scare you, make you question me and also require you to stretch and grow. But as it is with any teacher, coach or instructor – creating an intelligent degree of discomfort is required, to move forward and succeed.

I extend to you my very best. Now go out there and start or re-start better than ever before.” Cheers! Kevin E

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