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It's often said: "Well that, that is 'show' business and this, this is 'actor' business. Now it's all in one place...

What is the Actor MBA?

First of all, thank you following us here at the Actor Business blog.

I wanted to insert this post now before we get back to more educational ones, because we’ve just launched the TikTok overview of what our future educational module will look like.  If you click here this is a preview of what Kevin is producing weekly for actors worldwide to apply in their various creative pursuits.

If you find Kevin a bit direct or gruff or strange, then you’re our audience. From the many who know him, that’s him.

Love him or hate him, he is NOT for everyone!

That said, it’s the principal reason I chose to work on something with him. 

We are not going to capture the entirety of the world’s thespian community. Most likely, we’ll be lucky if we get a percentage just above “10.”

But we press on!

Part of this process was to sort through the various platforms on which to share his messages, history and teachings with all of you. 


Believe me, it was not the platform’s fault. 

We are not dealing with commodities and widgets. Our salable product is the same as our audience — HUMAN BEINGS.

For us to tell you that we can guarantee you’ll book work with our proven methodologies would be derelict at best and flatly unethical at worst.

We are snowflakes, man!

Idiosyncratic. Curiously unique. Um, different.

Amazon thinks I’m so different that they trust my palm for payment. 


Look. We are just getting started.

Kevin has been doing acting career guidance and actor coaching for 30+ years. It perfectly lumps itself under the phrase…”actor business.”

I encourage you to check out the videos on TikTok and let us know what you think. 

Kevin will be editing them to make the process as straightforward as possible whether you’re new to the game or have been at it a while.

And this is just a SMALL sampling of what we have in store for you.

So, we won’t get ahead of ourselves.

We are here. Happy to help.

More to follow…


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Paul Jackson
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