Hello I’m Kevin E. West and I want to welcome you here. If by chance you you’re thinking …

“Dude, what’s with the middle initial thingy?”

Hang tight. Please realize there is the another Kevin West from Hollywood and if you look him up on an IMDb you’ll see my point of clarity. I’m @theKevinE, Kevin West with an “E” and it’s also how you can find me on YouTube and social media. As for my website, although it has been here a while, its focus until now has been more of my life as an actor, philanthropist and, to a lesser degress, an actor show business coach.

And that’s gonna stop.  Believe me, that’s good for all of us, especially for you, because coaching is something I truly enjoy.

The Journey:

From rural bumpkin Tennesee roads to the Comedy Store stand-up stage to over fifty episodic television shows , this small town boy from a single-parent household, rose up and carried his own torch!

My career has the feel of the famous Hollywood Lucky Strike bowling alley — eight lanes of chaos ‘n strikes. Genuinely helping actors while simultaneously appearing on episodic television was my ‘Road Less Traveled By.’ Helping actors get (paid) acting work in Hollywood or anywhere else was difficult then and it’s still that way today. My aim is to help you along in this process by sharing idea and concepts (“Kevinisms) that I started 30 years ago in an organization called The Actors Network. You can view that organization here.

I’m here, not just to provide unique value, information and education, but that private backstage pass you wanted to your favorite singer or band. Come, step in behind, the real truth (if you want it) inside the Hollywood lens and the pursuit of a paid acting career. Believe me, I am not the only person in this showbiz coaching space. There are a lot of people offering their services and each has a little something different for what you might be looking for. I encourage you to do your due diligence and consider everyone. I share this because frankly, I know I’m not for everybody. But for those I am, I will provide angles ‘n ideas others will not.

I didn’t write a book entitled: 7 Deadly Sins – The Actor Overcomes to sound cool at parties. I wrote it to save you years of strife, thousands of dollars, and to turn those parties into golden opportunities!

What’s Missing:
What you will not find or receive from me is the same old tired list of career aspects folks love to call, ‘the business of show business.’ While there are many remedial subjects and conversations that have to be had because they’re essential, they don’t need to come with a bunch of hyped up BS. You’re not going to get guarantees from me, promises and other such nonsensical marketing language. I’m direct, sincere, communicative and psychologically sound about what you REALLY need to know and understand.

My blog is going to either shape, or re-shape your mind, in a way that protects and fuels your pursuit. Most folks who talk about or profess to ‘teach showbiz’ love to talk about what you need to go do or what you have to avoid. I’m going to talk to you about what to know, understand, learn about yourself, along with a great deal of practicality and pro-activity that simply…works! Anyone can draw a picture of a car, and if you dedicated yourself – anyone can build a car, but it won’t run at top performance without the right fuel in the tank!

I have many things planned here and on YouTube. 1-2x weekly there will be a blog posting from me and my team about a relevant show business topic. In addition, I will have an ongoing YouTube chat with my actor and industry friends where we’ll tackle some showbiz questions and share our experiences therein. And finally, I will be hosting a livestream to answer YOUR QUESTIONS as a way for you to get know me and feel the vibe. Those details can be found here:

I wish all of you great success on your creative journey and I would love to help you if I can.